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I am a BLADESMITH creating mostly iron age blades. I use a KA-75 for all of my forge welding and drawing out."

Emiliano Carrillo

"I am doing real well with the hammer. It is loosening up as you said it would. I have cut my time down in making a knife from a railroad spike to 1/20 of what it took by hand. Not only is the forging time faster, there is very little grinding. The knife dies work real well."

Dan Gardner

"Bob, Attached is a photo of yokes that I forged from 2" square. I made 8 yokes and 4 center parts. I am getting to old to hand hammer the 2". I used the KA75 to forge the arms to 5/8" x 2", and I don't think I could have done it without the KA. Well I might have, but I would have been worn out and lost a lot of money." 

Glenn Gilmore

"I have enjoyed making dies and tools to use with the hammer, it is amazing how versatile it can be. I work by myself and it isn't too far from my anvil, it is truly a great helper." 

Martin Gabbertt

 "Hello Bob, I don't know if I ever told you how critical my KA is to the production of my shop. I have found that I depend on it daily for so many applications. All of my top tool work, all of the chasing, chiseling, all of my leaf work, and anything at all fussy is done with the KA; to say nothing about all the flattening and straightening I use it for. It's STRAIGHTFORWARD, easy to use and reliable. You really have a great product and I want you to know some of the best money I ever spent on tooling was when I finally bought my KA. I should have done it sooner. It has made the difference between breaking even on a job and making a profit." 

Dorothy Steigler

"I am actually making a living blacksmithing in my one man shop. The KA-75 is my "striker", and I use it more than my hand hammers for getting things perfect (slitting, texturing, wedge tapering, flattening, rounding, squaring etc). My KA75 sits on the other side of my anvil, so all I need to do is a quarter turn, with no steps, to use it. The KA-75 is used as much as my anvil and more than anything else in the shop. I started with the combination dies because I wanted to be able to draw with the KA, but now I use the flat dies all the time, mostly because I can draw with them more efficiently and use flatters to smooth any imperfections." 

Doug Adelman


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