"It's amazing how versatile it can be. I work by myself and the KA75 isn't too far from my anvil. It is truly a great helper."

Martin Gabbertt
Eugene, OR

"The KA75 paid for itself on my first job."
Tom Ryan
Queens, NY

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The KA75 Power Hammer

Power Hammer Tooling - Tong Tool


The tong tool has rounded and sharp edges and a 3/8th inch drop area. A demonstration of this tool can be seen in the KA75 Tong Video. The tong tool is made of 4140 material.

Price: $50.
Phone (608) 527-2494 or email us for purchase and shipping cost.

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"I am doing real well with the hammer. It is loosening up as you said it would. I have cut my time down in making a knife from a railroad spike to 1/20 of what it took by hand. Not only is the forging time faster, there is very little grinding. The knife dies work real well."

Dan Gardner
a.k.a. themissouriknifesmith on eBay

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