"It's amazing how versatile it can be. I work by myself and the KA75 isn't too far from my anvil. It is truly a great helper."

Martin Gabbertt
Eugene, OR

"The KA75 paid for itself on my first job."
Tom Ryan
Queens, NY

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The KA75 Power Hammer

Blacksmith Operations
The KA hammer will assist you in a variety of basic blacksmith work. Some of the work includes the following:
  • drawing
  • upsetting
  • punching holes
  • slitting
  • grooving
  • twisting
  • welding
The following demonstrations show the KA75 performing some of the above processes.

KA75 demo 1 »
KA75 demo 2 »

video demos photo demo 1 photo demo 2 photo demo 3